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Promoting, Encouraging, and Supporting YMCA Competitive Swimming for Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware

25 YMCAs - 52 Individual Teams - 3500 Swimmers

How to submit your Rosters

Please send your roster file to [email protected].  Remember to send both a girls and boys roster seperately.  Include team name and which team you are sending. After the roster has been approved by the commissioners, roster files will be posted to the website. 


GoMotion Roster Procedure:

  • Step 1: Export from TU a .sdif file of your rosters by PennDel team (Boys and Girls separately)
  • Step 2: Save and Name the files correctly
  • Step 3: Create a Demo Meet in MeetManager
  • Step 4: Import your .sdif from TU into MeetManager
  • Step 5: Export athlete roster from MeetManager and name it properly if you have more than one team
  • Step 6: Upload that file to league website (Submit Rosters) Reminder: you cannot send a merged roster of Boys and Girls to the League. You must upload each of your teams rosters separately.