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How to submit Meet Results:

  • Use the following Link to Submit Meet Results
  • Infomation you will need
    • Coaches Name & Email
    • Referee's Email
    • Administrative Official's Email
  • Files you will need to upload
    • Meet Manager Backup
    • PDF of Age Group Scores


Procedure for a Tri Meet:

Download the desired Meet Template

Each team gets 2 lanes – Coaches need to coordinate lane choices before the meet

Keep 3 sets of Paperwork (Referee’s Checklist, Meet Workers)

Meet Manager cannot score a Tri Meet

In order to get the age group scores

Take a backup of the meet (Do Not Lock!)

  1. Delete 1 Team, change setting to a dual meet, Change Name and rescore the meet
    1. Initial Screen:  Teams   Select team   Delete
    2. Initial Screen:  Setup   Meet Name  Meet Style
    3. Run Screen:  Rescore
  2. Run Age group scores report
  3. Create the HTML results file for upload to the League website
  4. Create the Backup file for uploading

Restore the Backup

Follow steps 1-4 for 2nd meet

Restore the backup

Follow steps 1-4 for 3rd meet.



The Host team will complete meet submission form for all meets with the appropriate match ups.