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Posted By administrator on May-01-2020 at 7:51am | Views: 782

To Our PennDel Swim League....

Team Representatives

The PennDel Swim League Board is aware and sympathetic to the significant impact that the Covid-19 pandemic is having on your lives. We understand that for most of you, swimming is not a top priority. But rest assured, the Board is looking toward the future and thinking of how the swim community may be affected.

While there is tremendous uncertainty, the Board is looking forward to a time when we may resume participation in a program that provides a positive and healthy opportunity for our kids. Right now, like you, we have little information about when that may occur and what the new landscape may look like within the world of competitive swimming. We are closely monitoring when we may be able to resume activities as well as evaluating adjustments that may be needed to League operations.

Regrettably, the Spring League Meeting is being postponed indefinitely. When we have more information that will allow us to plan further, we will send you details for a reschedule. Alternatively, if we are unable to get together in person, we will arrange a virtual meeting. In the meantime, please continue to stay in touch through the website.

Please accept our sincere wishes that you and your swim families are all doing well and staying safe. Looking forward to being able to see you soon!

The PennDel YMCA Swim League Board

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