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Brandywine-DE YMCA

Last Updated: 7/1/2005 10:39:18 AM

Address: 3 Mount Lebanon Rd, Wilmington, DE 19803

Phone: 302-478-8303

Fax: 302-478-2260

YMCA Web Site:

Club Swim Web Site:

Names and Abbreviations: Brandywine-DE YMCA, Brandywine-DE, BRY

YMCA Reference Number: 1089
Pool Information
Pool Location: Same

Pool Address: Same, ,

Pool Length: 25 yards

Pool Depth: 4' to 6'

Number of Lanes: 6 Lanes

Directions: >From points North on I-95:
Take 95 South into Delaware. Get off 95 at the 202 North exit. Travel on 202 north for approximately 3 miles, passing through 7 or 8 traffic lights. You will approach a Taco Bell located in the middle of the 202 highway. Just prior to the Taco Bell enter a left hand turning lane. Turn left onto Mount Lebanon Road. YMCA is immediately on your right. Please park around back and enter through the rear door.

>From points North of 202:

Take 202 South into Delaware. Travel on 202 in Delaware for approximately 3 miles. You will pass the Concord Mall located on your left. About 5 traffic lights beyond the Concord Mall you will approach an intersection with a Taco Bell on your left, and a Boston Market on your right. Turn right at that light onto Mount Lebanon Road. YMCA is immediately on your right

Derek Farrar
Director of Competitive Aquatics Boys Team Contact
Susan Dramis
Michael Phillips
Team Scorer

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