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October-01-2020 at 12:20pm

Penn-Del Swim League (PDSL) Virtual Meets and Available Training

As you probably know, swim meets this season will be challenging due to national, state, and local YMCA COVID-19 restrictions.

PDSL Virtual Meets

To support competitive swimming this season, Penn-Del Swim League (PDSL) plans four (4) monthly Virtual Invitations meets starting in October (i.e., Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan). Each team will swim at their local YMCA or contracted pool during a designated ten-day period covering two weekends during the month.

Teams will send their results to PDSL for consolidation into the overall monthly PSDL Virtual Invitational meet results. These consolidated PDSL meets will count toward the three (3) YMCA closed meet requirements for Districts and Nationals.

Each YMCA has the flexibility to establish a format that works best for their YMCA. Events may be combined - different strokes, different age groups, but not different distances.

PDSL will provide the Meet Manager file for each month. Instructions for submitting your local YMCA meet results will be provided shortly.

The PDSL Virtual local meets must be officiated and run following USA-S, YUSA rules (excluding the rule for at least one relay), and Penn Del Rules.

Referee, Starter, Meet Manager Operators, Admin Official, and Timers are required. Place Judges are not required. The Referee should record the order-of-finish. We recommend at least 2 Stroke & Turn officials; however, these are not required.

If automatic or semi-automatic timing is used, each lane must have at least one timer with a stopwatch, in addition to backup buttons. If manual timing is used, two (2) watches are required per lane.

Officials Training

As of now, YUSA Officials' New Certification Training Classes must be held in person. YUSA Recertification classes can and will be held virtually. All PDSL annual clinics will be held virtually.

We strongly recommend that current Referees, Meet Manager Operators, and Admin Officials attend a corresponding annual PDSL clinic this year. However, no PDSL fines will be levied as long as the local virtual meets follow USA-S, YUSA, PDSL virtual meet rules, excluding annual clinic attendance requirements.

Currently scheduled classes and clinics are listed on the Penn-Del Swim League web site at Please contact the respective trainer to attend one of these listed classes and/or clinics.

  • Level I/Level II New Officials Certification Classes
  • Level I/Level II Recertification Officials Classes
  • Admin Official (AO) New Officials Certification Classes
  • Admin Official (AO) Recertification Officials Classes
  • Annual Referee PSDL Clinic
  • Annual Meet Manager Operator PSDL Clinic
  • Annual Admin Official PSDL Clinics

Direct any questions to your head coach or email Tom Warrick at You can send questions regarding the PDSL monthly Virtual Invitations (coaches only) to Ken and Kelly Burk at

Please stay safe and healthy during this abnormal swim season

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October-05-2020 at 9:25am



  • Provide teams to participate in a virtual meet setting without worrying about scheduling with another team
  • Provides flexibility in completing a meet due to possible facility restrictions
  • Allows teams to swim different events at different times
  • Allows for teams that are various stages of returning to the pool an opportunity for competition
  • Provides opportunities for athletes to "compete"


PDSL will provide 4 opportunities for teams to compete in a PDSL Virtual Invitational. PDSL will provide a meet file that teams can use to participate. Teams will have a timeframe of 10 days to swim events and submit results to the league.

The league will then merge the results to create an invitational results file that teams can then use as they see fit. The PDSL will then post results on the league's website.

For the purpose of following YMCA guidelines, "PennDel" will be considered the home team.


These meets are closed (YMCA teams only), intra-association YMCA meets open to all PDSL swim teams. All competitions are held at the local area or local YMCA.

Meet Format - The meet format must be the same for all locations as to the events swum, age groups involved, etc., just as you would see at an in-person meet. You should follow the practices you would have followed for an in-person meet, (ie. combining events, etc).

Meet Dates - PDSL will provide a meet file for the months of October, November, December, and January. Meet dates will span over a ten day period (which would cover two week-ends).

  • October 16 - October 25
  • November 13 - November 22
  • December 11 - December 20
  • January 15 - January 24

Technical Rules - The meet must follow the Rules that Govern YMCA Sports, Addendum to the Rules that Govern YMCA Sports, and USA-S Technical Rules.


Files have been updated on 10/5/2020

Edited by administrator on October-05-2020 at 9:25am

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